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KidSafe Essential Oils by Plant Therapy
KidSafe by Plant Therapy

KidSafe Blends

KidSafe by Plant Therapy is the first-ever line of essential oils developed especially for children.

Our groundbreaking KidSafe blends are specifically formulated for children ages two and up. Our KidSafe line features various blends and single oils targeted toward specific issues and concerns common in this age range. All our blends are available as 100% pure, undiluted essential oils, with several available as convenient pre‑diluted roll‑ons.

As parents ourselves, the Plant Therapy team wouldn’t settle for anything less than absolute safety. Our aromatherapists dedicated themselves to research, testing, and quality assurance to make our KidSafe line is unparalleled in the industry.

And not only are the oils 100% safe for children, but they are also effective.

If you are looking for essential oils to use on your little one, there’s no better option!

KidSafe Synergies

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KidSafe Roll-Ons

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KidSafe Organic

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KidSafe Singles

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Plant Therapy Essential Oils for Kids. 100% Safe and effective
Plant Therapy KidSafe. Essential Oils for Children

The KidSafe Story

In 2011, our Plant Therapy founders set out to change the essential oils industry. As a company we were dedicated to offering the highest quality oils at the lowest price, direct to consumers. As the popularity of our oils spread and our company grew, we noticed a glaring hole in the essential oil industry. The industry had been neglecting to address the needs of one very important group: Our children! Read More...

With little ones of our own, we at Plant Therapy are firm believers that essential oils can be tremendously helpful for our kids -- and yours. But there were no products at all on the essential oil market formulated especially for children. We field questions from parents all the time about which essential oils to use for their children: Which oils could help alleviate common problems for kids, such as stuffy noses, calming down and rough, red skin, and so many more.

Our Plant Therapy team realized we could make a huge difference by creating essential oils that are without a single doubt, safe and effective for your children. No other essential oil company had attempted this challenge, but we were confident that our commitment to quality would allow us to succeed. And we did!

Our team began by creating a list of common kid’s concerns that we wanted our blends to address. Issues like soreness, sniffles, staying calm, and immune support were all considered.

For every one of our blends at Plant Therapy, we require four things:

  1. It needs to work
  2. It needs to be safe
  3. It needs to smell appealing
  4. It needs to be affordable

For our KidSafe line, we added a fifth requirement: Every single KidSafe blend must be absolutely safe for use with children. We researched each oil to create a list of single essential oils that were safe for children. And if we didn’t have enough information on an essential oil, we left it off the list until we could be certain it was KidSafe.

Finally, armed with a list of KidSafe Oils, we went to work creating a line of effective, affordable KidSafe blends.